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El Cid  - El Moro Tower



Official Beach Patrol

Reservations were made, flights were booked, and everyone silently wondered how pasty-white they would look when they arrived..... nobody mentioned it, but it was understood that criticism of anatomy or choices of bathing suits would not be tolerated...... much . . .


Someone mentioned 'Tequila'..... and the conversation turned to warmer climes and beaches.  It didn't take long for the idea of a trip to Mazatlan to foment in the minds of the winter-weary group.... Odds were pretty good that the time-share would be available given the condition of the economy, and the airlines were pushing cheap fares to almost everywhere.... smiles began to emerge as imaginations created visions of cabanas, margaritas, and warm sand beneath everyone's feet..... And maybe a tour of a Tequila factory...


It was a dark and crummy Monday.... normally the group would be out on the golf course pretending to take the game seriously, but rain is a significant deterrent - ergo:  screw the golf.  Everyone met at 'The Crick' at five for wine, onion rings and great company.








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