The Team

Great Room Fireplace island - before

The great room had this large 'Island' separating the living room area from the original family room area - on this side we had a large entertainment center.... on the other side we had a large wine rack and a fireplace . . . it's all going away!!!!

Although the island didn't take up thatWine Rack & Fireplace much space, it was large enough to completely dominate the space and reduce the three adjoining areas greatly....

The Island partially demolished...As the island was demolished, it was a treat to watch the 'Great Room' space evolve.


The Island falls . . .The floors would obviously need a great deal of work . . . our friends at 'Empire Flooring' helped us figure out the correct match so the areas covered by the fireplace island could be filled . . . then the sanding would begin.

After the Fireplace demolition....Now you can see how large the area was meant to be....